CJO FITNESS These programs are customized around health/fitness goals. Choose the program you want and allow it to optimize your life and progress you in the right way.

Your Custom Fitness & Nutrition Plan.


Your Custom Fitness & Nutrition Plan.


One on one direct access helping you to achieve your health goals. You’re not in this alone. Have a health question? I’m a text away.

Step 1 - One Hour Phone Consultation.

It starts with a one-hour phone consultation where we will discuss a wide variety of topics - all pertaining to your current and desired state of health. I will ask a lot of very targeted questions that will help me get the best understanding of how your plan needs to be made.

Step 2 - Creating Your Custom Plan

I will carefully analyze all information we discussed and tailor each part of your plan to where you need it to be. I say need because health is a priority and it needs to be treated like one. It will be a step-by-step plan for every aspect of your health. The plan will include:

  • A Day-By-Day Nutrition Plan telling you what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it and when not to eat it. This guide is extremely important in achieving your health goals.

  • A day-by-day Fitness Plan telling you exactly what days to workout, what areas to workout, what exercises to perform, how to perform those exercises, common workout mistakes/errors and what days to rest. I also show step by step stretching instructions.

Step 3 - Check-Ins | Weekly Facetime Calls

You are not in this alone. My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves and making sure you get there is what this plan is all about.

This plan is for a 6-month subscription to everything mentioned!

Each Plan Includes:

  • My personal phone number (First 100 Sign-Ups). The first 100 people subscribed will receive my personal number for anytime text access. Have a health question? I’m a text away.

  • Weekly Facetime calls (15 min) - Each week we will Facetime to make sure you’re where you need to be.

Looking forward to turning your health goals into a reality, together.

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