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My Core/Abdominal Program

my ab program.png
my ab program.png

My Core/Abdominal Program


This is my flawless ab sculpting program that comes with my most effective exercises and rep ranges to help achieve the abs you have always wanted. I share all my top secrets, tips, and techniques on abdominal training.

In this program I focus on exercises for all abdominal core muscles including the Obliques, TVA (transversus abdominis muscle), and the underlooked core muscles of the erector spinae. I will take you through the movements that I love doing day to day. These movements I feel are the most effective for strength, growth, functionality, and body aesthetic!

Program includes:

  • 4 Full Workouts of challenging movements

  • My favorite chiseling ab exercises

  • Proper form and techniques

  • Fitting for males and females

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