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The Beginning Training Guide

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beginners guide.png

The Beginning Training Guide


An open guide for all levels of individuals that are eager and excited to start with a fitness/nutrition regime.

Trust me I have been in the gym standing around wondering what to do next, being embarrassed, and frustrated....not knowing what to do and having to look online for any type of workout. Then, being confused on what to eat/when to eat to have my body composition changed.

The Beginning Training Guide is inclusive information that gives you my top most effective exercises and the muscles they target, explaining form and proper positioning, as well as what types of workouts to do to reach your exact fitness goal. This program  explains a complete understanding of a proper nutritional lifestyle: What foods to eat, when to eat them, and how to make nutrition a part of your life.

It allows any beginning fitness enthusiast to feel confident in the gym and the kitchen to reach their fitness goals. 

Program includes:

  • My Top Exercises, Techniques, and Proper Form

  • What to do / Where to Start

  • Understanding a Basic Healthy Lifestyle

  • One-on-One communication with me to further understand and learn the exercises

  • Fitting for males and females

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